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We develop our open-registration workshops to  meet the needs of labor, management, employee and employer advocates, regardless of prior experience. Additionally, we develop workshops to meet the specific needs of clients. All workshops are objective in substance, focusing on the development of specified skills. The workshops rely on maximum use of role-playing exercises and participant-completed workbooks that serve as the focus for class discussions. We minimize any reliance on lectures


BPAT began its training history by offering a 2-day arbitration advocacy workshop. Questions and demands from participants led to the evolution of the current 9-day advocacy workshop. That workshop has been so successful that some of the organizational customers have relied on us to train all of their advocacy staff. And the demands from those participants have led to the development of the additional worksops we offer, and those that are being developed. .  

Relevant Skill Set
BPAT offers substantive professional development opportunities in each of these skill areas. 





Theory Formulation

Case Structuring

Preparing Witnesses

Opening Statements

Introducing & Using Exhibits

Using Objections

Direct & Cross Examination

Closing Arguments

Brief Writing





  • Avoid "shoe-box" or "piñata" advocacy by always formulating and using a case theory during the preparation and presentation of your case.


  • The professional advocate uses words as brush strokes to create the image to be conveyed to the arbitrator.


  • Omitting key elements of a case forces the arbitrator to fill in the blanks based on the arbitrator's experience possibly resulting in a distorted image.

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