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9-day Advocacy Skills  workshop


Using creative scenarios, participants learn the importance of case theory and how to develop it. Participants also learn the fundamentals of witness preparation, evidence and its introduction at hearing, the use of objections, direct and cross-examination, and development of opening statements and closing arguments. The course ends with participants presenting a complete case before a practicing arbitrator. Previously approved for 54.25 hours MCLE credit. Renewed approval requested.

Four or more on one check paid

by August 9, 2019:                                   $2,750.00

Four or more on one check paid

after August 9, 2019:                              $2,900.00

Less than four, paid by

August 9, 2019                                          $3,100.00

Less than four, paid after

August 9, 2019                                          $3,300.00

Day 1 - We focus on the heart of each case - the development of a CASE THEORY. We discuss case theories formulated by participants using course material sent in advance of the training.


Day 2 - Continuing our focus on the heart of each case, participants present case theories developed from case scenarios that are distributed at the end of the first day.


Day 3 & 4 - Participants engage in witness preparation. We also address evidence and the related concepts of relevancy, admissibility, weight, and everyone's favorite - HEARSAY. Exercises requiring participants to mark, lay the foundation, and move for the admission of various exhibits teach participants how to excel in this facet of advocacy. This two-day segment concludes with an exercise on making and using objections.


Day 5 & 6 - Are devoted to the use of objections and direct and cross-examination. Participants are assigned to a group that will work together for the final arbitration exercise.


Day 7 - Participants give opening statements and closing arguments.


Day 8 - Issues of ethics and potential sources of bias in advocacy and the process are addressed during the morning of day eight, after which the groups work together to prepare for the final arbitration exercise.


Day 9 - The groups present to an arbitrator a complete case, from opening statement to closing argument.


Upcoming Workshop

Sep 12, 13, 23, 24; Oct 7, 8, 21, 22; Nov 4, 2019

Program Code 19004



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Burstein-Prihar Advocacy Training

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Los Angeles, CA 90064



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