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2-day Evidence & Objections workshop


Using a created scenario, participants complete objection-related workbooks designed to facilitate the learning of common objections, appropriate usage and credible responses. Participants complete workbooks before the first program date, which will then be the basis for discussions of evidence and objections. A final exercise calls for participants to make objections during direct and cross-examination in a role-playing exercise.


Cost- $850* ($700 ea groups of 4+)

* 20% discount for those completing Advocacy Skills Workshop during last 3 years


Day 1

WHY:    The role of objections in controlling the evidence record

WHAT:  Types of objections commonly used in arbitrations and administrative personnel hearings

HOW:    Format for stating objections and how to respond to objections

WHEN: Timing/Triggers for making objections


Day 2

Simulation of evidence & objections scenarios & workbook exercises


Upcoming Workshop



Program Code




Register online and we will invoice you.




Download the Registration Form from the link below and  mail completed form with payment to:


Burstein-Prihar Advocacy Training

​P.O. Box 643091
Los Angeles, CA 90064




Contact us at

805-482-6204 or


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