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The following is a listing of programs on our current training schedule. New programs are added based on training requests from our participants and our professional experiences.  Be sure to check our site periodically or call to learn about future training opportunities.


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805 - 482 - 6204 or

310 - 479 - 8485

Evidence & Objections



Using a created scenario, participants complete objection-related workbooks designed to facilitate the learning of common objections, appropriate usage and credible responses. Participants complete workbooks before the first program date, which will then be the basis for discussions of evidence and objections. A final exercise calls for Participants to make objections during direct and cross-examination in a role-playing exercise.


Cost- $850* ($700 ea groups of 4+)

* 20% discount for those completing Advocacy Skills Workshop during last 3 years

Advocacy Skills

9-Day   [9/12, 13, 23, 24; 10/7, 8, 21, 22;

                 11/4, 2019]


Using creative scenarios, participants learn the importance of case theory and how to develop it. Participants also learn the fundamentals of witness preparation, evidence and its introduction at hearing, the use of objections, direct and cross-examination, and development of opening statements and closing arguments. The course ends with participants presenting a complete case before a practicing arbitrator.


Four or more on one check paid by August 9, 2019:                                              $2,750.00

Four or more on one check paid after August 9, 2019:                              $2,900.00

Less than four, paid by August 9, 2019


Less than four, paid after August 9, 2019


Brief Writing



Participants learn the role of closing argument as a critical case component. Discussion of post-hearing brief components and structure, using examples from the participants' submitted briefs, forms the bulwark of the two-day program.


Cost- $900* ($800 ea groups of 4+)

* 20% discount for those completing Advocacy Skills Workshop during last 3 years

Program Dates


Brief Writing




P.L.E.A. Sessions


A.M. Session - CODE:


P.M. Session - CODE:

Evidence & Objections





Advocacy Skills (9-Day)

Sep 12, 13, 23, 24; Oct 7, 8, 21, 22; Nov 4, 2019



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Future Programs


BPAT is constantly engaged in developing new programs. We do not offer these programs until they meet our high standards for delivering a substantive training experience. Add your name to our mailing list to insure notice of the program schedules.


Advanced Arbitration Advocacy - a program designed for a limited number of regsitrants, and all must have served as advocates in a minimum number of matters.




Contact us at

805-482-6204 or


Anchor 2
Principles of Labor & Employment Advocacy
P.L.E.A. Series

Morning and afternoon 1/2 -Day sessions. First two sessions deal with contract interpretation and past practice.



Different topics within the area of labor and employment advocacy are addressed by experienced neutrals and advocates. Sessions generally begin with subject matter introductions, followed by practical applications in advocacy settings, and concluding with a question and answer period.



1 person        1 session     @ $150.00

                         2 sessions   @ $250.00


4 or more on one check

                      1 session         @  $125.00

                      2 sessions       @  $200.00



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