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Respect and Integrity 

pillars of professional advocacy



"Exceeded expectations. I've been to countless training seminars, classes, etc., but none as in depth as this one."


“The instructors were very knowledgeable, patient and thorough. The class was well structured.”


"This training program rivals any seminars that I have attended in the past, wonderful job."

Burstein & Prihar offer a combined total of over 60 years of experience as arbitrators, hearing officers, and mediators. BPAT has demonstrated the true value of engaging  experienced dispute resolution professionals in providing training to local, statewide and national audiences.  They are proud to offer references from past attendees upon request.



Michael Prihar
Arbitrator - Hearing Officer
P.O. Box 3347
Camarillo,  CA 93011
Tel:   (805) 482-6204
Fax:  (818) 368-5441



Mark Burstein
Arbitrator - Hearing Officer
P.O. Box 643091
Los Angeles, CA  90064
Tel:    (310) 479-8485
Fax:   (310) 479-8485 


Mark Burstein

Mark Burstein has served as an arbitrator and hearing officer in both the public and the private sectors. He previously was a trial attorney with the National Labor Relations Board and an Associate Professor at Southwestern Law School, Los Angeles.


Along with his marriage, his children, and his grand-children, BPAT is a source of pride and satisfaction.


Mark is an active member of the California State Bar.

Contact us at

805-482-6204 or


Michael Prihar

Michael Prihar has served as a full time neutral for over 28 years. He is on numerous private and public sector arbitration and hearing-officer panels. 

In addition to also arbitrating and mediating commercial and employment disputes, Mike’s other professional activities have included numerous adjunct faculty positions in law schools and academic institutions in the Los Angeles area. 

Mike is an active member of the California State Bar.


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