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P.L.E.A. Series:


Fundamentals of Contract Interpretation Disputes


Introduction & Overview - 

Overview of contract interpretation disputes; how arbitrators derive their interpretations of contract languages; roles of witnesses and evidence.


The Professionals' Experience –

Highly experienced labor and management advocates, will talk about effective and non-effective attempts to use past practice, bargaining history, and precedents in arbitration involving contract interpretation. They will address what contributed to effectiveness, or lack thereof, of these arguments and the associated evidence.


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Past Practice: Evidence and Arguments


Introduction & Overview - 

Overview of past practice, different applications of past practice in both contract language and discipline issues, elements to be established, relevant facts and witness selection


Compare & Contrast Past Cases - 

Experienced management and labor advocates, using past cases, will discuss cases where past-practice arguments have, or have not, been successful; how to muster a successful past-practice argument; issues to consider during the preparation of such cases; and pitfalls to avoid.




Program Code

P.L.E.A. Registration costs



1 person        1 session           @ $150.00

                            2 sessions      @ $250.00


4 or more on one check

                           1 session         @ $125.00

                           2 sessions       @ $200.00




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